We all would like to be happier and free! Here are 35 ways to simplify your life and make you happier.

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  1. Sort mail as soon as you get in.
  2. Learn to say no to events and get togethers.
  3. Stop holding grudges.
  4. Determine your definition of success.
  5. Create and stick to a cleaning routine.
  6. Watch less TV.
  7. Stop having expensive birthday parties.
  8. Cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
  9. Recycle old books and papers.
  10. Delegate chores to household members.
  11. Limit toys to 30 per child.
  12. Make your bed everyday.
  13. Develop daily routines.
  14. Invest in an organized purse.
  15. Take a nap.
  16. Stop multitasking.
  17. Keep a gratitude journal.
  18. Create Amazon wish lists for special occasions.
  19. Host a yard sale.
  20. Keep reusable bags in your car.
  21. Get credit cards with rewards only.
  22. Pack your lunch the night before.
  23. Make snacks for yourself that are pre-made.
  24. Invest in a great coffeemaker.
  25. Turn off your phone.
  26. Take a social media vacation.
  27. Cancel cable.
  28. Unplug devices.
  29. Declutter your home.
  30. Delete old files from your computer.
  31. Stop over scheduling yourself.
  32. Stop trying to do it all.
  33. Print as little as possible.
  34. Breathe.
  35. Relax, you’re doing great.

What things do you do to help you live a happier life?

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