Oh, hey there. It’s me again.

My daily routine has mimicked that of 8 year old twin boys. Hello world, it’s me, Stacy

I wake up at 8:55pm. I brush my teeth, pee on the toilet (try to hit the mark), then off to learning 1st grade vocabulary. I am like Adam Sandler as Mr. Deeds only in real life only we don’t have our own pool and butler here.

We have break at 10am, so I eat either nutella or Triple X hot Cheetos. If they aren’t around, I dog some plain pop chips and try to save so for later. I eat hot dogs too.

Back to school, 20 minutes later after riding my scooter in the hot sun in the greenery of our backyard. We start grammar and I am really digging prepositions. Next up, art class where we draw a Van Gogh yellow flowers in a vase still life that’s got me all jazzed up while listening to classical music.

I say to myself, ‘God, and I in heaven?’.

He says back, ‘No, Stacy. You are about to be when we start building that sick ass bridge in Minecraft.io.’

Next school ends, and my masterpieces are just about to begin.

I have my Triple X Cheetos nearby, with a glass of chocolate milk and a dream: get the longest and most beautiful bridge in Minecraft started today.

The bridge is hot pink with a clear, see through tunnel over the bridge.

As I finish it, I realize the architectural world really has missed out on my build and design skills.

Next, off to Slither.io. I am debating turning on my Twitch account and live streaming gameplay, solely for the purpose of talking shit to fellow Slither players. They are all bastards and I need to let them know.

Next, off to the shower. As I hit the showers, I’ve already built me bridge and creamed so many snakes in Slither. Therefore, I feel like a champ.

Next, onto blogging where I try to pull hopeful, insightful DIY tricks and trades to help bot me and you figure out how to run a semi normal household during the pandemic.

If playing Minecraft is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Finally, Spring Break is here and we’ve booked tickets to go to the zoo. I am so pumped to see all the animals, and my boys are too.

As I try and transition back into the work life, I find it is overrated. I was spending most of my time working long hours, being underpaid and underappreciated. I didn’t like my company and my boss was worse.

Here was the real kicker during this break. I have really enjoyed being a Stay at Home Mom. I have understood that I was knocking an honorable profession that is personally rewarding. I have helped my kids skate through 1st grade.

What’s next for ne? Going on interviews and trying to pretend like I really want to get involved with strangers that will again not be a part of my long term life.

That’s where I am at now.

Let me know where you’re at as I am curious what all you guys are up to as we ride this out.

P.S. A kid in class yesterday said this is my worst nightmare, and it was the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.

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