There’s this vulnerability about writing that cannot be undone. There is something so final, so raw that allows us to pour out our heart and souls on the web that is such an amazing release to the universe. Each time I post I feel such a sense of satisfaction. It is a reward in a way that each time I am able to hit POST and my thoughts come to life and become things.

Blogging for about 7 months straight now, I have come to face some real challenges in my life. I am realizing that I may not want to be the person I was before I started blogging last year.

I have had some major challenges in my life. I have been homeschooling my children and trying to figure it out with my kids as I go. I have been supporting my husband to get his career off the ground as I can, and he is now in a great place. He is in acting and finance, so it is all a gamble in a sense but getting more certain by the day.

As for me, I have really enjoyed working and growing web businesses with publishers and advertisers over the years. Be it big or small, I really enjoy helping people and supporting content that is freely written. It brings me a joy to know that I am supporting publishers by getting sponsors to help them do what they love to do.

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As in any business big or small, there needs to be a sense of purpose first and foremost. There needs to be an understanding of what needs to get done, and a plan and execution strategy daily on how you are going to do it. You have to be nimble and change the plan as you grow to put as much time possible into growing the content, while trying to profit.

I have found a few things out as I have gone. The first is distribution. Having a website is fun and all, but it is really hard work. I have created the content, built and designed the website, now what? Will the money just funnel in? Nope. Not yet. This shows me that I still have a lot of testing and distribution to do still.

At first I thought all I’d have to do was write. Wrong. In order to right my wrong, I had to find out what I was missing. Turns out I need to distribute my content, but even before that I need to work on my SEO to make sure that my posts are seen on the internet search engines. The only way to do this is to start linking my posts to bigger outlets like QUora and Medium. These are free ways to get the word out there that I am blogging daily, and have some new information or value to provide my readers.

The linking out to other articles was a big deal. This gave me a lot more traffic then I had had before.

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Next I started my social media channels. I am still at step 1 though in the sense that I am not consistent on Instagram and Twitter. When I post I am hooked up to Twitter, but I do not have any followers at the moment and haven’t put much energy into it. My handle is #leverageambition and @leverageambiti1. My instagram handle is @levergaeambition.

As you can see I have tried some things here and there, but I am still not profitable. I wanted to reach out to the blogging community here to see if you have any tips for me as I try and grow this side hustle into a real business.

I don’t mind keeping my writing up as I go to find new porjects to work on, but if anyone has any advice I am all ears. Or in this case I am all eyes! Ha!

I’d love to know your journey in the blogging world, and if you have any tips or advice please put them in the comments below!

Thanks for listening, and hope you have a great weekend.

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