The entire Leverage Ambition clan has arrived back safely to California from an 8 day voyage through Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California, Mexico.

Back in LA with a 2 hour wait time to get back through international customs, we landed at the official home base at 1am PST. We had a 1.5 hour delay, and a 30 minute departure and arrival issues, but despite the rocky voyage home, we all managed to have a great time.

We were able to take a private boat ride, eat a fancy dinner on the beach, did some infinity pool hopping, dropped the kids off at the Kids Club which they surprisingly loved, went snorkeling in the Sea of Cortes, gazed at the full blood moon on July 23rd, got messages, so some fishermen spearfish, saw people battling the waves of the Pacific Ocean, and had too many margs and pina coladas to count.

Here are some highlights and scenic shots we wanted to share with you, so you can get a feel of what it would be like to visit Cabo San Lucas for your next vacation!

We used to book both the flights and hotel stay, and relied on our hotel transportation to drop us off and pick us up at the airport. We saved about $1,000 booking it this way versus going directly to the flights and hotels themselves. We were a little too concerned to rent a car and drive through Mexico ourselves, so we depended on our hotel to get us to the destinations we wanted to go to during the stay.

Iguanas were all over the vast white beaches, and they carefully avoided the strong waves and currents ahead.

We were able to see two pirate ships battle each other on the water and as they dueled we sat on our private charter and cheered the red pirates on!

The famous arch and lover’s beach was a part of the boating experience. Our captain was a native Cabo man that seemed to be a pirate himself with his fancy gold tooth.

We fully enjoyed watching the horseback riders on the beach, but didn’t want to try it ourselves!

Have you traveled to Mexico before?

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