Dolphins are the most beautiful and friendly of the mammals, and dolphins are by far my favorite animal. Dolphins can be found all over the world, but I have mostly experienced them on the LA and Ventura Counties in coastal California.

My family always had an obsession with dolphins. My sisters would by little dolphin trinkets and cut out pictures of dolphins from my parents National Geographic magazine growing up. My mother actually swam with the dolphins at Seaworld San Diego too.

I have been going to the California coast more recently and if you come at the right time and get lucky, you’ll see the dolphins swim up and down the coast.

I am happy to say that I have done a little bit of research today and found some cool facts and ways to interact with dolphins. Here we go!

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  1. The lifespan of a dolphin spans anywhere from 20 to 80 years, and the bigger dolphins like orcas usually live the longest.
  2. Surprisingly, orcas, also known as killer whales, are also considered to be a part of the dolphin family.
  3. Dolphins can swim up to 18 miles per hour per National Geographic.
  4. They typically love to eat fish and squid, therefore dolphins are considered carnivores.
  5. A funny fun fact, dolphins are born with hair when they are first born but lose it while they grow out of adolescence.
  6. A weird science fact, dolphins have two stomachs.
  7. Their body has a lighter belly to hide themselves from predators, making it easier for dolphins to get away.
  8. Dolphins are playful, dexterous, and fun to be around.
  9. Dolphins are altruistic animals, they love to help humans and other whales when they are in trouble.
  10. Dolphins can jump as high as 20 feet in the air when they have a good, long start.
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  1. You can actually dive with dolphins at different aquatic centers. There are different dolphin pools in aquatic centers where you can go nose to bottle nose with these playful animals. Usually these encounters are done in small groups in hour long sessions. When you swim with the dolphins you can take a belly swim with them on top of the water or you can deep dive with them and hang onto them.
  2. We can swim and hug the dolphins. Many aquatic centers give you the ability to hold onto the dolphins and hug them while they take you on a glory ride through the water.
  3. You can bring your friends and family to the aquatic centers. It’s so much fun to learn about these majestic mammals in the different science centers that your local aquatic centers own.
  4. You can bring your children for dolphin camp that is held at many of the science aquatic centers nearby. It is good to give kids a healthy oceanic learning environment to help give them a sense of respect for animals.
  5. You can be a dolphin trainer for a day! This is a cool entry into becoming an actual dolphin trainer. You can learn about what the dolphin trainers are responsible for and how to train them too.

Have you seen or swam with the dolphins?

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