I don’t know about you but I truly hate the holidays. Not to be a Grinch, but the over commercialization of the last month of our gregorian calendar really chaps my rear.

I don’t like buying presents, I hate wrapping them, and the thought of dealing with our drunk uncles really just make me cringe. I think it is more the realization of where we are in life and where we think we should be really come into play.

Either way, I am pleased to introduce you to the feelings wheel.

Here are the six major feelings: Sad, Peaceful, Mad, Powerful, Joyful, and Scared.

When we are Sad, we have to understand the category of sadness that we are feeling. If we are feeling guilt, we are feeling remorse. If we are feeling ashamed, we are feeling stupid. If we are feeling depressed, we are feeling inferior. If we are feeling lonely, we are feeling isolated.

Sometimes it is hard to define what we are truly feeling without the feelings wheel. When you are able to fingerpoint the feeling, you are able to better understand the emotion involved and why you are feeling the way you do.

Here are some instructions on how to use The Feelings Wheel.

Here is the history of the feelings wheel.

Here is some helpful advice on emotional literacy and how to use the feelings wheel to help guide your thoughts and actions.

How are you more emotionally literate with the feelings wheel today?

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