Ugh, here comes the massive cooking festival we call Thanksgiving! Ready, set, go!

It’s time to drink down that extra cup of coffee today and get started on your battle plan of timeline prepping pre-Thanksgiving. My memories of Thanksgiving pasts have been excruciatingly painful, mainly due to the fact that I could never extend our extended family that was unsupportive and nasty to my mother. It was quite frustrating to see her give it her all and still not get convincing love and support from her family. I hear that many other families feel similarly in different ways.

The reality is that having a potluck Thanksgiving is where it’s at and delegating appetizers and desserts can be a great way to tally out responsibilities. Get it, gurl!

If you are taking Thanksgiving on your own like many of us still do, I have some great tips and reminders to take charge of your time management as you buy groceries and start Turkey day food prepping. Setting the table the day before and getting all the drinks you need will help too.  It’s about time to set our daily watches and get everything ready on time and deliciously set.

Here are some Thanksgiving reminders as you prep yourself for game day.

3 Days Before Thanksgiving


Put the frozen turkey in the fridge to let it thaw out before cooking on Thanksgiving day. This will give you a few extra hours sleep the day of Thanksgiving, making you look and feel better the day of to avoid burnout by 10am.

If you want to be extra sneaky as a mega superstar time star, you can cook the turkey on Wednesday and slice it ahead of time. You can preslice it then reheat it for 45 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. No one will ever know, just don’t let them look in the oven!


Make sure you pull together an extensive grocery list with all the ingredients you’ll need. I always forget ice cream, heavy cream and whipped cream for mashed potatoes. The turkey brine seasoning and gravy packet mix, along with pumpkin pie shells and spices. Any extra herbs should be kept on the list too. I love spinach dip Knolls brand with sour cream and bagel crisps as an appetizer that can be made the day before too.

Find our sample Thanksgiving grocery list, RIGHT HERE.

2 Days Before Thanksgiving


Having plenty of carbonated sodas, seltzer, wine, beer, scotch whiskey, gin and hard liquor are all good options for your alcohol friendly and sober friendly crowds. Coming up with drink menus like minty rum and cokes or lemon amd cucumber splashed gin and tonics can get get the crowd excited before the big day. Grab that ice now too if you have some extra room in an ice cooler or extra freezer.


Cutting all the carrots, radishes, cucumbers, and celery ahead of time will help you prep for the main event. Getting hummus store bought and blue cheese dip will help you get ahead of the game.


These little bites are absolutely addictive an# a real crowd pleaser!  It is super simple too. Just prep these bad boys by getting some crescent rolls,  cooking bacon and crushing it up in a small bowl. Mix it up well then set aside. Unroll the crescent roll triangles, and for every triangle cut them into three long pieces. Wrap them up any putting the cream cheese bacon mix at the end and simply wrap it up. Put it on a baking pan and set it in the fridge, whipping them out 20 minutes before your guests arrive and set a timer so you don’t forget to pull it out. The simpler the better.

The Day Before Thanksgiving


This is when you start prepping your pies and desserts. I absolutely love pumpkin pies, apple pies, and pecan pies.

Find all the Thanksgiving dessert recipes, RIGHT HERE.


Arranging an arugula salad is key the day before, and making it without dressing will help preserve a fresh salad since with the salad dressing already added they can wilt fairly easily. This can be mixed with dressing a few hours before your guests come over.

Find our recipe for Arugula Salad that is yeast free and super yummy, RIGHT HERE.

The Day of Thanksgiving


For the gravy, once the Turkey is cooked you can use the pan you cooked it in and add chicken stock to it. On top of the burners of the stove, you can place that pan and turn on the heat making sure to incorporate and mix in all the drippings. That’s the good stuff!


I could literally eat stuffing all day. The Thanksgiving Day Stuffing really makes my day, and sometimes I prefer it over turkey itself.

Catch the best Thanksgiving stuffing in America right now, RIGHT HERE.


Mashed potatoes can be made the day before or the day of Thanksgiving. By peeling and quartering potatoes, you can quickly throw them in a pot of boiling water. Wait 20 minutes and when they are pierce able with a fork, you y’know them are ready to mash. Use an electric mixer or the good old hand masher to get that done. Adding heavy cream, butter and salt will take you to the promise land. You can heat them up the day of at 300 degrees with the Turkey if you’d prefer.

Find our Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, RIGHT HERE.


Heating up tour favorite dinner rolls at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes before the dinner is served is great. Make sure to have the butter ready available too.

What Thanksgiving Day yummy treats did I miss out on that you are going to whip up for this year’s Thanksgiving Feast?

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