As I look back into Thanksgiving’s pasts, I am thankful for all the memories I have shared with family and friends. Thanksgiving was always a great time to see old friends I had grown up with that I may not have been in touch with on a regular basis. It was fun to catch up with old friends, but then also super fun to meet new ones. It’s rare to have really old friends that you can rely on and grow old together. There are great memories of falling snow, wood burning fireplaces, overcooked turkeys, turkeys cooked just right, buttery sweet potatoes with chopped pecans on top, my grandparents, and my parents and siblings.

Among the stress to get the house ready for guests and finding the perfect dress to get ready in, there is the main focus of the event. This is being Thankful.

This year has had it’s share of highs and lows. I have had wonderful highs when I’ve written articles that really resonate with you. I have had great new exercise routines introduced to me, such as pilates, yoga and hiking. I have traveled across California, exploring new towns through Baja California, all the way up past San Francisco into the Redwoods. The lows this year included losing my last grandparent, my beautiful grandmother, failing at getting reliable and meaningful investments, and understanding the way I run my day then, and how I run it now.

Being a writer and entrepreneur is no easy feat. There are different ways to make money, but the amount of money spent doesn’t equate to the time invested in it right away.  It’s more than that. It’s doing what you love and having no regrets on the way you spend your time. I realize how working corporate really took away a ton of time with my family. It pulled me away from my children. It was hard to set boundaries with those above and beneath me.

I learned the value of setting boundaries this year. Boundaries show me how other people need to treat me. Boundaries show my self respect. Boundaries allow me to run my life on my terms. They allow me to make time to prioritize me. They give me tools to engineer my life the way I want to without other people pulling the marionette strings. Boundaries make me a healthy or unhealthy person depending on the way I set them.

I realize that if I figure out my goals ahead of time, I can rearrange my daily schedule to diligently work towards those goals and move onwards chiseling at the block each and everyday.

I am thankful for good and bad bosses, as it teaches me what to do and what not to do. I am thankful for my parents who gave me a headstart by fully paying for my education. I am thankful for the ability to blog and write what is important to me. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for new friends that I want to emulate and be like. I am thankful for a new day, everyday. I am grateful for nature. I am grateful for the sunshine and new moons. I am grateful for I am grateful for new opportunities. I am grateful for my awareness. I am grateful for you.

I hope you find peace, love, health and happiness this holiday season.

What are you thankful for this year?

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