Have Sex Often

Having sex in a marriage shows you care for the others needs and brings you closer together.

Communicate Obsessively

Make sure your significant other knows how you are feeling in all aspects of life. If you are tired, sick, restless, happy, sad, or all of the above, it is good to openly communicate your feelings and ask for help when you need it.

Lift Each Other Up

Highs and lows in life can be frequent and disappointment is no stranger to all of us. Be that person that lifts each other up in sadness, and celebrates when there is a win.

Honesty is THE Best Policy, Even When It’s Hard to Break The Bad News

There were times where one of us were overreacting, wrong, or trying to get even at someone when the energy put into certain relationships was not worth their time. Be honest with your partner in all aspects of the relationship, but be respectful and do not blame.

Be a Great Follower and a Great Leader

Over dominating all the time is not necessary. Respect each others space, time, and decisions, and be there for each other in times of need.

Forgive Fast

Harboring illwill causes sickness and pain. People are not perfect. Even you. Even me. We all make mistakes, and although you may not ever feel like you can forgive, it is healthy to do so. Eventually. Hehe.

Hold Each Other To High Standards

Set the bar higher each day and help each other achieve their goals. But don’t do it for them, be the Tony Robbins you always wanted.

Want the Other Person to Win, And Cheer Them On

When one wins, we all win. Want the other person to win, and support their goals and achievements. It is best to set yearly goals and back them out quarterly, monthly, and daily to help gain momentum and keep accountability.

Make Your Marriage Your Highest Priority

Jobs and friends come and go, marriage is an infinite union of God. Honor it.

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