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Red California Tides + Pirates Treasure Found on the Beach

Another day, another dive.

Our family has been going to the beach after homeschool in search of new sea animals and sea plants.

It has been mild temperature wise and in the 80s, so we have been frequenting the beach often as the wind makes it feel like the 70 degree weather.

Typically the wind gives a 10 to 15 degree temperature lower than what is shown on your local thermometer reading.

We found that there was a partial red tide due to the algae overgrowth. More about it on Patch here.

At first we called it a Crimson Tide but quickly realized that’s just the 1995  movie with Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman about the Cuban Missile crisis, check it out it.

Many families and friends have been visiting the beach more often now that most restaurants, parks, schools and after school programs are cancelled. Therefore many have decided to make lemonade out of lemons and head to the beach!

When arriving at the beach we social distanced about 20 feet away from others, and brought a picnic lunch with snacks and plenty of water too to nourish ourselves during the stay.

We brought plastic bags of Apple Jack’s and Fruit Loops, 4 bananas, baked chicken, 3 bottles of water and 4 Larabars, the Cashew Cookie flavor.

There are some shady characters roaming the beach and trying to spark conversation, but it is important to try and stay as far away from others as you do not know where they have been.  Some may be high risk for COVID, so best to wear a mask and keep your distance.

With that we still were able to have fun, and dug for treasure!

We found a pink frisbee, a red sand castle toy, a small green army man plastic figurine, a scuba diver minion, a pumpkin seed, a small pink plastic sifter, 2 dinosaurs and an plastic yellow ball.

We were very surprised to see that so many families forgot their toys!

The California coast is amazing and so serene, check out the waves here.

We decided to put on SPF 50 during our stay, and came prepped with 4 sunglasses and hats as well.

California is known for it’s high UV index it’s good to bring back up sunscreen as you need to reapply per the SPF rating. Therefore if you put on SPF 50 you need to reapply every 50 minutes. That could be an old wives tale, but we try to hit that mark and usually never get burned.

Have you been to the beach?

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Top Bucket List Travel Spots


Rome, Italy

Kerala, India

Sicily, Italy

Kauai, Hawaii







Puerto Rico



Hong Kong




Sri Lanka

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Best Way to Wash a Quilt: Your Bathtub

Suzy homemaker is here today, guys!

As a mom of two this year has been a dozy.

We have come up with many DIY (Do It Yourself for those living under a rock) shortcuts to help us live better.

This tip in particular comes from us going to the beach often.

I realized yesterday that I had not washed my beach quilt this year.

(I know, EW!)

Some I was brainstorming with my husband on how we should clean it.

‘Maybe we should just hose it off it the backyard?’, I said.

‘Maybe we should just put it in the washer machine,’ he said.

We were stumped.

How were we going to thoroughly clean this blanket and get all the germs off of it?

I thought long and hard.

And finally I got the AHA! moment I was looking for.


I had just bleached it this week, and it was clean as a whistle.

I grabbed the beach quilt or blanket out of my trunk.

I ran into the house.

I ran up the stairs.

I threw it in the bathtub.

I put on the hot shower full blast.

And I watched all the dirt flow right down the drain.

It was very soothing.

So soothing in fact that I didn’t take a video of it.

So here is my article about it.

Once the dirt started falling off, I turned off the shower and proceeded to step on it with my feet to get all of the dirt off.

I put the shower on again and let the hot water run through it.

I then turned it off, stepped on it again until all the water was out of it.

Then I brought it to our back yard, where it is now drying off of and between two adirondack chairs.

Wallah! Magic.

Happy washing!

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Leverage Ambition participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

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7 Quick Breaks For Parents

It’s been a crazy year for those parents that have children and had to homeschool them.

There have been limitations on going outside of the house without a mask, most parks and restaurants are still closed. This makes it difficult to entertain kids, but it also makes it difficult for us to get some alone time ourselves.

Here are some ways you and your significant other can take a healthy needed break from the house, while practicing social distancing too.

1. Coffee Break

We were lucky to discover a drive thru Dunkin’ Donuts near us, and it seems Starbucks has some as well. This makes it convenient for you to safely grab a cup of joe, while in the safety of your car. Don’t forget to wear your mask in the drive thru as they are requiring it for yours and others safety.

2. Podcast Break

There are so many great new podcasts out there for whatever subject you are into nowadays. Sword and Stone is a great horror podcast that narrates real life scary stories, and you can do it either in the comfort of your car or on a daily walk. Sebastian Maniscalco has a show called the Pete & Sebastion Show that’s a podcast that was picked up by iHeart radio, however you can stream it on YouTube as well. I highly recommend it as comedy is the best form of medicine.

3. Lunch Break

Genghis Cohen is a lovely chinese restaurant nearby us in Los Angeles, and we went to pick up a wonton, shrimp, chicken, and vegetable soup that was delicious. I parked under a shaded tree nearby, put a few packets of soy sauce in it for flavor and enjoyed it in the comfort of my own car. Bon apetito!

4. Car Wash Break

Some hand wash car washes are now closed however there are few automated or laser car washes that are still open. Getting the car washed every week or every other week is great to keep your car clean, but also gives you that much needed break from the kids.

5. CVS Life Break

You can still browse for random products and food in CVS with a mask. Sometimes I will go on the non-peak times like 2pm or 10am, and just walk around and browse to see if there is anything I can buy that is not very costly but can help me relax. I’ve definitely bought Josh Cherry Wine, but also have gone for the facial masks that are super luxurious for when you get home. They also sell bath salts, nail files, tweezers and other fun stuff to keep your self refreshed and healthy during this time.

6. The Beach Break

Many public beaches are open now, and as long as you social distance you should be A-OK. We like to drive to those beaches that have paid parking just to remain safe and off the main roads. Don’t forget to bring the sand toys and beach toys, along with snacks and water. We drive thru McDonald’s and grab either breakfast sandwiches or Hamburger Happy Meals with Chocolate Milks and the kids are full and happy which prelongs the trip there. There are showers there as well so if the water is too cold to jump in, the outdoor showers are nice and warm. It’s refreshing. If you want to conquer this solo too, do it! It’s important to not feel guilty taking a break as the more relaxed and refreshed you are, the more your children will enjoy you too!

7. Massage Break

Some massage parlors are safe and open for business now. If you call around you’ll find a few nearby your house that are taking appointments. The one near us has special instructions, as they only allow 2 people in at a time however it is worth it.

What other ways are you taking a break?

A Day at Malibu Beach with the Kids

Today we took a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway, also known as the PCH or the California 1 Highway.  It is known to be one of the bucket list things to do, and the views of the Pacific Ocean, mountains, cliffs and beaches are really spectacular!  

It is really nice being in California during the winter time as it really stays above 40 degrees fahrenheit, even through the peak of winter.  The most you really need is a reliable North Face zipper up jacket, not even the puffy kind just the regular jacket!  This is great especially since the boys are young enough still where I am dressing them and don’t need to get them in snow pants, boots and jackets before they go and run outside.  On the northeastern part of the United States, it can get super cold so entertainong kids indoors can be tough.  

Anywho, below are a few videos from today, just building sandcastles, chasing waves and having some good family time together while I have off work.

If you are planning to take a beach trip with toddlers, I would recommend you bring the following:

  • Sunscreen over SPF 50 and kid friendly
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • Snacks, like chips or grapes in tupperware
  • Sandcastle tools
  • Sand bucket
  • Beach bag
  • Towel
  • Extra shorts and shirt just in case your child gets wet


As you can see even on the beach my toddler boys are a bit rambunctious however they are also very sweet boys and really love and admire mom and dad, for now anyway! 😃

It is always nice to see the ocean waves rolling in, you really get a refreshing and relaxing vibe when on the beach.

A few more glory beach moments for you as we ran to and from the waves.  We didn’t see any dolphins, whales or sharks this time around, but I will try to catch some footage next time we are out and about.

Have you driven the PCH yet?  Any plans on doing so at some point as a bucket list event?