Quick Headache Cures

Always consult a doctor if you experience pain, but here are some temporary quick natural and at-home fixes for headaches. 1. Ice Cube on the Face This will clear your lymph nodes and wake you up a bit, giving you a new sense of energy. Try this morning, noon, or night for a quick pick … Continue reading Quick Headache Cures

Sales Rules for First Greetings

Congratulations, you've booked your first sales call! Now what's next and how should you prep for the call? First do your FULL research on the person, their title, their responsibilities, their background, their company, and try to understand prior to the call what their pain points would or could be. 1. Do not pitch, present, … Continue reading Sales Rules for First Greetings

First Grade Site Words – Part II

Here is the second set of site words to help children learn the basics for reading and writing below for your convenience. start try brown draw four school why after live people great about find call work where away before how her year again change done over large always country laugh even under house found … Continue reading First Grade Site Words – Part II

First Grade Benchmark Words – Part 1

Here is a full list of all the first grade benchmark words defined by the state for our kids to learn for your convenience. And Go See She The Little Play With You For Have Jump No One Are Look My Said Two Come Here To Of Put Saw This Want What Do Now Went … Continue reading First Grade Benchmark Words – Part 1