5 Ways to Foster a Growth Mindset | Leverage Ambition

Everyone I know is feeling a little down and out lately. Loneliness has reared it's little head in our lives over the last year of the pandemic and we are all looking to change the game from a lonely mindset to a growth mindset. What has seemed to be paralyzing and depressing outlook, needs to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Foster a Growth Mindset | Leverage Ambition

Powerful Words To Promote Your Best Self

Comfort, Love, Respect, Magical, Great, Gratitude, Believe, Dream, Diamond, Evolve, Faithful, Glory, Powerful, Evolve, Freedom, Responsible, Smart, Wisdom, Light, Mastery, Flow, Success, Focus, Trustworthy, Truthful, Dream, Ascension, Divine, King, Passion, Peace, Unity, Learning, Reward, Rich, Stunning, Abundant, Boss, Mastery, Wealth, Wonderful, Wellness, Charasmatic, Energetic, Rise, Passion, Wisdom, Sacred, Blessed, Amazing, Gifted, Comforting, Higher Self, Illumination, … Continue reading Powerful Words To Promote Your Best Self

Know Your Master

Anything we see, hear, breathe, and interact with on a base level has the power to influence us. Our growth happens inside our mom's belly, and then with your parents, your family, your peers and your community. As we are indoctrinated into the school system we are taught about our masters outside of our family … Continue reading Know Your Master

The Lonely Entrepreneur

It was 1962.  It was the tale end of the Great Depression. Unemployment was up over 600%. Bob saw his community struggling. He wanted to help. He thought of creating a hyper local print directory for local businesses looking to engage his community.  Hundreds of local business owners jumped on board, lining up to get … Continue reading The Lonely Entrepreneur

5 Leadership Skills for Healthy Teams

Management is a gift, and leading teams is a privilege. Congrats on your new leadership role, but with great power comes great responsibility. Owning a company and having people work for you IS a TRUE privilege. And our teams can only be as successful as you ALLOW them to be. Leadership is not about you, … Continue reading 5 Leadership Skills for Healthy Teams