The Benefits of an Elite Mindset

By defining the elite mindset, we need to understand what an average mindset is. AVERAGE MINDSET They see failure as the end all be all, and tell themselves to just give up. They focus on feelings that they can control, but say they cannot. They use the phrase I HAVE TO. You don't have to … Continue reading The Benefits of an Elite Mindset

Know Your Master

Anything we see, hear, breathe, and interact with on a base level has the power to influence us. Our growth happens inside our mom's belly, and then with your parents, your family, your peers and your community. As we are indoctrinated into the school system we are taught about our masters outside of our family … Continue reading Know Your Master

5 Awesome Diets to Kick Start Weight Loss

All of us are looking to lose a few pounds now and then.  Most of my life I have experimented with different fad diets and some have been more successful then others.  My most recent diet is the Whole30 diet that restricts cheese, carbohydrates and dairy: basically everything I was raised on learning to eat.  We … Continue reading 5 Awesome Diets to Kick Start Weight Loss