We have all been there. Many us have been laid off, fired, or just completely disengaged at work. Whether it be a death in the family or a lack of direction, you are left with wanting more that your job cannot give. Unfortunately managers need to make the decision to let go of employees that are no longer willing to work productively at their jobs.

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Here are 10 reasons to let go of an employee if they are not performing towards the goals you have given them.

  1. They gossip.
  2. They know it all.
  3. They don’t take initiative.
  4. They are irresponsible and don’t show up to work.
  5. They are always distracted and not focused on their goals.
  6. They know it all and have no reason to learn anything as they have all the knowledge they need.
  7. They don’t ask question and are not excited about the work they are doing anymore.
  8. They have not experienced growth in a long time and it doesn’t look as though they are going to achieve anything anytime soon.
  9. They make excuses on how they are not performing and how it’s not their fault.
  10. They lack enthusiasm and don’t help others. Selfish is as selfish does.

These are all good reasons to talk to your employee as you see these concerns arise and also notify your HR manager that things are not going as you had hoped and planned. Notify your manager as well so that everyone is on the same page on where you are going and what is at stake. The last thing you want to do is fire an employee, but if they are not contributing in a meaningful way, it is time to make a battle plan to let him go if nothing has changed in a positive way.

How else do you know when it is time to let an employee go?

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