We are all gamers. The kids are playing Talking Tom. The teenagers are playing Angry Teacher 3D. The millennials are playing Animal Crossing. The parents are playing World of Warcraft. The grandparents are playing Solitaire.

There is a big problem though!

They do not have a video game name that suits them. Wack attack!

Perfect timing for us to help you come up with a video game name that works to your benefit, and makes you look more legit.

Use the first letter of your first name, your birth month, and the first letter of your last name to make your new video game name below.

1. First Letter of Your First Name

A. Maximum

B. Mighty

C. Stinky

D. Creepy

E. Bloody

F. Smelly

G. Handicap

H. Angry

I. Extreme

J. Hardcore

K. Funky

L. Dirty

M. Retarded

N. Secret

O. Intense

P. Nasty

Q. Invisible

R. Kid

S. Forbidden

T. Crazy

U. Master

V. Mysterious

W. Psycho

X. Paranoid

Y. Special

Z. Alcoholic

2. Your Birth Month

January: Zombie

February: Bikini

March: Zombie

April: Frog

May: Squirrel

June: Thong

July: Panty

August: Scalawag

September: Bird

October: Fish

November: Whale

December: Dung

3. First Letter of Your Last Name

A. Communist

B. Donkey

C. Battle

D. Revenge

E. Detective

F. Agent

G. Dominatrix

H. Killer

I. Slaughter

J. Murderer

K. Dog

L. Maniac

M. Duster

N. Fairy

O. Wizard

P. Massacre

Q. Tsunami

R. Twister

S. Tornado

T. Tsunami

U. Dagger

V. Jail bait

W. Slapper

X. Clapper

Y. Sweeper

Z. Creep

Mine is Forbidden Panty Killer. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments below, and GAME ON!

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