Who is your absolute favorite villain of all time? Mine would have to be Darth Vader for sure. Star Wars was always an obsession of mine growing up. Every girl wanted to be Princess Leia and her Halloween costume was always a big hit in the 80’s!

I always thought of myself as the hero, but in the New Year I am turning a new leaf and becoming a Super Villain. Yep, that’s right!

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I am becoming a Super Villain. It’s true. But first, I need a tragedy. The tradgedy that made me turn the wheel from good to treacherous.

What could it be?

I will continue thinking about it.

In the meantime I need a scary Super Villain name!

You’ll need one too. Pick your birthday month, the day of your birthday, and your favorite color and post your name below!

Photo by Wilson Vitorino on Pexels.com

First, pick the MONTH of your birthday:

January – The Black

February – The Vengeful

March – The Dark

April – The Red

May – The Cursed

June – The Savage

July – The White

August – The Ugly

September – The Treacherous

October – The Blue

November – The Wicked

December – The Green

Second, pick the DAY of your birthday:

  1. Gargoyle
  2. Goblin
  3. Creature
  4. King/Queen
  5. Witch/Warlock
  6. Guardian
  7. Fairy
  8. Knight
  9. Elf
  10. Assassin
  11. Sorcerer/Sorceress
  12. Giant
  13. Werewolf
  14. Wizard
  15. Ogre
  16. Beast
  17. Dragon
  18. Ghost
  19. Dwarf
  20. Unicorn
  21. Warrior
  22. Spirit
  23. Thief
  24. Mermad/Merman
  25. Cyclops
  26. Trolls
  27. Orc
  28. Pirate
  29. Vampire
  30. Prince/Princess
  31. Serpent

Thirdly, pick your favorite color:

Red – of the Night

Blue – of the Seas

Green – of the Forest

White – of the North

Black – of the Shadows

Yellow – of the Dead

Purple – of the East

Orange – of the West

Brown – of the Desert

Cyan – of the South

Pink – of the Mountains

My name is the Cursed Warrior of the West, what’s yours?

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