I had a golden retriever named Joshua and a beagle named Beamer growing up. I used to imagine myself being a dog too and playing with them. The golden retriever would always jump in our pool for a dip when it was hot. On the flip side our beagle would chase bunnies all day long and neighbors would complain of it howling when it found them. He was always very nice though!

Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com

This leads me to this article. If you were a dog, what would your name be? The great news is you can find out right now!

First we need your birth month:

January – Miss

February – Prince

March – Doctor

April – Captain

May – Special Agent

June – Lady

July – King

August – Sergeant

September – Princess

October – McStuffins

November – Scoundrel

December – McQuakers

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

2. Now you need to pick your favorite color!

Green – Happy

Red – Sticky

Yellow – Cutey

Purple – Sleepy

Black – Hungry

Blue – Tasty

Brown – Cute

White – Curly

Orange – Big Eyes

Pink – Flurry

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

Then lastly, we’ll need the first letter of your first name.

A – Wags

B – Wet nose

C – Belly rub

D – Comet

E – Quagmire

F – Elmo

G – Ballsy

H – Butthead

I – Dingo

J – Scallywag

K – Whiskers

L – Limony Cricket

M – Dookie

N – Cooties

O – Dollars

P – Bundles

Q – Snatchy

R – Piglet

S – Wagon

T – Bomb

U – Hairy Balls

V – Snack Attack

W – Queeny

X – Zanny

Y – Wiggles

Z – Dong

My name is Special Agent Cutie Comet, what’s yours?

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