I love me some country music! From Black Shelton to Carrie Underwood, to Dolly Parton and Faith Hill, these guys always know how to say it right and get to the core of me with their beautiful and soul music.

I always wanted to become a country star, but when I sing it sounds like a dying seagull. So it turns out I can’t quit my day job, but a girl can have a dream right?

I have always dreamed of having a special country music star name to start it all off.

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Today is the day I find out that name, and this is man/woman friendly!

Let’s get down to business.

First, we’ll need the first letter of your last name.

A = Kenny / Loretta

B = Waylon / Miranda

C = Luke / Patsy

D = Ricky /Shania

E = George / Scarlett

F = Tyler / Taylor

G = Tim / Tammy

H = Willie / Carrie

I = Avery / Sara

J = Toby / Dixie

K = Bobbie / Bobbie Lynn

L = Blake / June

M = Johnny / Jennie Marie

N = Trace / Tracie

O = Ace / Kellie

P = Jamey / Rayna

Q = Rocky / Annabelle

R = Jack / Jenny Lee

S = Hank / Hillary

T = Gunner / Dolly

U = Randy / April

V = Deacon / Cassidee

W = Merle / Martina

X = Charlie / Laura Belle

Y = Jimbo / Susie Mae

Z = Billy Bob / Billie Sue

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Next up, you’ll get your middle name or your nickname from your favorite color below:

Blue = Hoss

Red = Alabama

Green = Bocephus

Purple = It’s Ain’t Closing Time

White = Flash

Orange = Paw paw

Black = Bubba

Yellow = Shooter

Silver/Gray = Rhinestone

Brown = Spurs

Pink = Birdie

Gold = Two step

Can’t Decide = Boondocks

Lastly, get your last name from picking your favorite beverage below:

Clear = Swiftwood

Red/Pink = Pearl

Light Green = Bull

Amber = McDean

Brown = Pepper

Dark Brown = Crown

Very Dark Brown = Daniels

At the end of it all, you’ll need to be famous for something AND you can find that out by picking your birthday month below:

January – That night in Vegas at the ACMs. The one you don’t remember yet can’t forget.

February – Driving a Ram Truck. Yourself. No entourage.

March – Thanking your ex after winning ACN song of the year for your scathing diddy about a terrible marriage

April – 54 #1 Songs

May – Being squeaky clean

June – Nothing matters more than that 12 point buck

July – A lifetime of good songwriting

August – Everywhere you go, someone wants to shake it for you

September – Smoking with Willie on his bus

October – The song you wrote about heartbreak and drinkin and the town you grew up in

November – Wouldn’t be caught dead without your boots

December – Saying what is on your mind

My name is Hilary ‘It Ain’t Closing Time’ Daniels, and I am famous for a lifetime of good songwriting. If that ain’t country, you can slap your mama!

What’s your name and what are you famous for? Post it in the comments below! Love ya!

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

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