Winter is here and cold with phlegm and mucus blockages come in right behind it.

With the flu season being as bad as it has been in recent years, we also still have to worry about contracting COVID.

I have found that getting to the doctor this year is amazingly triggering to the point where I hold off going as long as possible for the fear of contracting COVID somehow as I enter. Luckily many doctors give the ability to do video check ups at the comfort of your own home. Call your doctor for more information on scheduling a video call for your ailments rather than going into their offices.

In the meantime, we have tried to avoid the winter cold but somehow it came up. We think it was the heat vents pumping in dust and making the air extra dry, both aid in cold like symptoms.

We bought a space heater which is working well from Target. The brand is a Lasko Space Heater. It is small enough to keep on our bureau and has kept us warm on cold nights.

In order to help get rid of cold or flu symptoms, here are 5 natural ways to get rid of mucus and phlegm. Here is a color guide to your phlegm and what it means.

1. Hot baths + showers

The steam from the shower really helps break up phlegm and mucus in your body. I have been taking 2 baths and 1 shower a day. Although my skin is on the dryer side, I feel like my head doesn’t feel as stuffed and it helps to break up the mucus in my lungs and throat. I have Aquaphor as well, along with Nivea lotion and creams that help keep my skin moist.

2. Drinking lemon water + drinking hot tea with ginger in it.

I have an old long Voss water bottle handy in our house. I think I got it from one of the hotels we stayed at this year. I have continued to drink as much lemon water as possible, to combat the dry air from the heat in our house. I have also bought this peach ginger tea from Starbucks and refill it with hot water to continue to help loosen up the phlegm.  Plan on drinking at least 8 glasses on water a day, and if you can drink more go for it.

3. Buy a humidifier and avoid smoke and irritants that may make you sicker.

The humidifier helps add moisture to the dry air in your house, which moistens your mouth and lungs more naturally. If you can avoid irritants like smoke, and remember to clean your house via vacuuming and washing the floors, it will help keep the air quality better. Your lungs will thank you.

4. Apply a hot compress on your face, and use a hot hair dryer on your nose.

If you have a small wash cloth handy, run it under hot water than ring it out. Leave it covering your face until it cools and repeat as often as you’d like. This clears up the skin too, and provides nice steam on the face to loosen it up. I also saw a YouTube video recently where this blogger pran a hot hair dryer around the sinuses on her face and 5 minutes later a ton of mucus came out. I will try it later on today.

5. Use saline nose spray and gargle with salt water.

There are a ton of over the counter saline nose sprays out there that may help clear up a stuffy nose. If you gargle with warm water and salt, you can spit it out and feel much better.

What other natural remedies do you use when you are clogged up?

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