15 Things Your Best Friend Told You That You Needed To Remember Today


1. The magic is in you.

2. Experience your life.

3. Let yourself make mistakes

4. Let go of unreasonable financial worry.

5. Know when it’s time to focus

6. Love yourself for who you are

7. Say when it’s time for a change

8. Don’t take storms personally

9. Make yourself at home

10. Trust your feeling

11. Let go of being shy

12. Tell yourself how long you’ll wait

13. Relax and flow

14. Say when it’s time for a change

15. Stop building cases

What other good advice have you gotten from your best friends?

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4 thoughts on “15 Things Your Best Friend Told You That You Needed To Remember Today

  1. kinge – Calm and gentleness. These qualities define me, built-in my character and for the past few years, I have been learning to be positive. There is power in kindness and humility, people mistake these for weakness. The qualities help me see life in all its beauty, enable me to rise above situations, be present. I love good food, artful music, sketching, journaling, cycling, calisthenics, and nature; connecting with nature enjoying sunsets, trees, and birds. I am a student of the mind. I read a lot on mind, body, and spirit. I write about the same to the extent of my understanding with a keen interest in personal development. My name is Kinge Kevin. I’m currently a farmer, who writes. Welcome to my blog
    kinge says:

    Such great reminders.