The Mom Project is a company that helps connect moms throughout the world to connect them to better living through job postings and advice.

A survey of more than 1,200 moms released by the data and insights division of The Mom Project proves there may be several promising reasons to celebrate.

💼 A Safer Distance: 55% of surveyed moms have found the ability to distance themselves from toxic work environments. 

🗯️ Supercharged Self-Advocacy: 66% feel more comfortable advocating for their needs at work now. 

⚖️ Winning at Work/Life Integration: 40% of moms feel more balanced in how they split time between home and work. 72% are able to change their work hours in a way that better supports their family life. 

🛠️ Discovering Resourcefulness: Nearly two-thirds reflect positively that the pandemic has taught them how to do more with less. 

While we aren’t popping the champagne over here (yet!), these findings are encouraging for what they indicate! That over half of you have found peace in moving away from spaces or people that didn’t respect you. That 66% of you feel more confident speaking up and advocating for what you need to survive and thrive as a mother, as a person, as a valuable asset to your company. That balance is difficult, but you have gone through and will keep going. 

You are out there making it work and we see you. We are you. 

I’m finding joy in these silver linings above and hope you will too, we can never go back to before — but we can build the future together. We are betting on moms, and always will. 

May you be gifted with the time to reflect, refresh and recharge during this season. You have earned it. 

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Colleen Curtis | Chief Community Officer | The Mom Project

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