1. Thank their employees.

A simple gift card, present, or personalized ecards will really let your team members know you appreciate them. Show your support by giving them an appreciation gift even if it comes out of your own pocket. They will be grateful and love the gesture. This year has been hard, so getting them a 2021 wall calendar isn’t a bad idea either.

2. Ask them their 2021 goals.

It is good to have an idea on what your employees want to accomplish in 2021. Whether it’s landing the next biggest account or simplifying their personal workflow, make sure you are there to support their goals.

3. Ask them if they feel valued.

If they don’t, come up with a plan to help them out. Employees that feel appreciated will go above and beyond rather than just push papers.

4. Buy Them a Book on Your Specific Industry

Our goal as a manager is to teach our team. If we don’t know about the topic then we need to work out the specific tools to get them to the next level of their careers. Whether it is outside training sessions, lunch and learns, or online learning, make sure your team has what they need to achieve their needs.

5. Create Daily, Weekly, Monthly Goals off of the Yearly Goal

Some managers will try and front load their success here so they are ahead of their expected pace from their board members. It is really up to you and your employee to define the goals they feel are achievable with your help. They should be independently able to achieve their own goals with tour initial assistance. Once they are on a roll, weekly check ins are key to understanding their active blocks.

6. Tell them to fully recharge by completely unplugging from work.

Working during the holidays is a big no no here, especially in 2020 when we’ve overcome so many obstacles. Allow your team to rest and make sure they completely unplug for their break. If coverage is necessary, than you do it for them or just leave an out of office message that provides numbers needed for emergencies. Unless you are a medical doctor, no one should be calling.

What are you doing for the holidays?

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