If you have not heard of Sadhguru before, you are missing out. He is a mystic spiritual healer that focuses on self awareness for everyone to live a better life. Read his site here.

We have compiled excerpts from his teaching below, we hope it helps you!

Know yourself, or you won’t see a beautiful world.

Ultimate freedom is achieved when you take the power of your emotions and not allow other things or people change your thinking. Those that do are enslaved.

Emotional trauma is the beginning of disease, and awareness, healing and recovery are the only cures.

The most important thing is that every human being should strive to know him or herself.

Before you fall dead, everything there is must be explored.

This piece of life is a mixture of the creator and your creation mixed into one.

Not everybody who heaps dung at you is your enemy, and not everyone that lifts you up is your friend.

When you are in a heap of shit, keep your mouth shut.

People that think only good things will happen to them are unfit for life.

If you don’t know how to go through harsh situations well and joyfully, then you will avoid all possibilities.

If you can do 10% better every week, you will live a good life.

When you go through the spiritual process, it’s not about God or heaven, it’s about self awareness.

Get up from sleep with reason. If you are not now, you need to change your life path.

You should not wake up with an alarm. Your natural alarm is best.

Before you go to bed at night, don’t eat meat 4 hours before and drink water. Shower before bed with lukewarm water.

What other advice have you gathered from Sadhguru?

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