Building a Mystery with Blue Jays

Blue Jays fly wild in many evergreen populated areas as their home typically resides in thick pine areas.

Biblically when you see a Blue Jay, the intention on human action is to plan for the future.

Blue Jay’s are very intelligent and keep family bonds very tight.

They are super aggressive if threatened by squirrels or cats, and also are not afraid to attack other birds if they come close to their feeding or nesting areas.

When you see a Blue Jay you should sit in solidarity and reflect on your future.

It is a symbol to see a Blue Jay when goals are not set and need to be clearly defined.

It also symbolizes impeccable communication and strength.

They are known to fly near those needing reminders to plan intelligently and clearly to enhance the future.

Have you seen a Blue Jay recently? If so, what was your reflection?

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  1. Among all other birds, I have blue jays in my backyard. There are two couples. We have also cardinals, chickadees, robins, sometimes hummingbirds in summer, lots of them. I do see blue yeas every day, actually many times a day. I have painted all small birds which I can watch in the backyard.
    Interesting symbolic meanings.
    However, they build their nests here, other birds, as well. I’ve been watching even the young birds take their first flights. So, it’s something very common in Ontario suburbs. We have also numerous squirrels, chipmunks and other creatures which like destroying my plants. That’s their nature.
    I stopped at this post since I love birds and nature and cannot ever stop exploring and admiring them.

    1. Your backyard sounds magical! I have never heard of chickadees but my grandfather used to call us chickadees so I will look them up after this!