9 Lessons Learned After 9 Years of Marriage

Have Sex Often Having sex in a marriage shows you care for the others needs and brings you closer together. Communicate Obsessively Make sure your significant other knows how you are feeling in all aspects of life. If you are tired, sick, restless, happy, sad, or all of the above, it is good to openly … Continue reading 9 Lessons Learned After 9 Years of Marriage

Powerful Words To Promote Your Best Self

Comfort, Love, Respect, Magical, Great, Gratitude, Believe, Dream, Diamond, Evolve, Faithful, Glory, Powerful, Evolve, Freedom, Responsible, Smart, Wisdom, Light, Mastery, Flow, Success, Focus, Trustworthy, Truthful, Dream, Ascension, Divine, King, Passion, Peace, Unity, Learning, Reward, Rich, Stunning, Abundant, Boss, Mastery, Wealth, Wonderful, Wellness, Charasmatic, Energetic, Rise, Passion, Wisdom, Sacred, Blessed, Amazing, Gifted, Comforting, Higher Self, Illumination, … Continue reading Powerful Words To Promote Your Best Self

People Are Not Pawns

If you don't know, now you know. Here are some iron clad quotes about respecting others. Maybe I am different than most, but I do not see people in my life as part of a game. Loyalty fosters radness. We are not pawns in the game of chess called life so we should not, only … Continue reading People Are Not Pawns

Honor Thy Customer, Honor Thyself

We've heard it all before, 'I'm not happy.' When clients are upset, it puts your business at risk. This statement is the first indicator that a client is getting ready to leave and test drive another. But there is hope. And it comes down to your maleable production line, and staying nimble with product engineers … Continue reading Honor Thy Customer, Honor Thyself

Clearing Space + Energy for Progress

2020 has been a tough year for many, and now it is time for us to gain our independence. With one step at a time, we can give ourselves permission and space for growth and healing to clear out the old and bring in the new. Don't wait for permission from anyone to create your … Continue reading Clearing Space + Energy for Progress