10 Peaceful Hobbies to Try Today | Leverage Ambition

I find that my days are jam packed with need to do's. I need to wake up and start my day by showering and getting dressed. I then need to wake up the kids and feed them breakfast. I make myself coffee during this time, and also make myself breakfast too. This is the time … Continue reading 10 Peaceful Hobbies to Try Today | Leverage Ambition

How We Spend Our Sunday | Leverage Ambition

I figured you may want to know how we typically spend our Sundays, to give you some ideas on how to spend yours too! The weekend is a great time for us to rest and relax. The work slash school week is always a mad dash and rush to knock out projects left and right. … Continue reading How We Spend Our Sunday | Leverage Ambition

Getting Through Anxiety | Leverage Ambition

Anxiety is a natural part of life helping our fight or flight reactors to stay or go. For many years I had issues admitting my anxiety to others, and getting through panic attacks and obsessive thoughts. I thought that the more I thought about something I would be able to solve it. Typically the thoughts … Continue reading Getting Through Anxiety | Leverage Ambition

I’m a Parent, and I’m Exhausted

Parents are really getting pushed to the limits these days. Many that do not have families and pets to distract them from doing work on the daily were lucky when the pandemic hit, as they could have uninterrupted silence. Now parents are forced to work from home and teach their children via Zoom classes that … Continue reading I’m a Parent, and I’m Exhausted

Patience Quotes

We could all use it these days, check it out. Have patience, God isn't finished yet. - Philippians 15 Be humble and gentle in every way. Be patient with each other and lovingly accept each other. -1Ephesians 4:2 But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. - … Continue reading Patience Quotes