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5 Fall Must Haves to Beat Boredom

Fall is the time for boots, scarves, and leather jackets, but we are all remote for the most part and have no where to go but the den, kitchen, and bathroom.

Sad news for most, but here are 7 fall must haves to keep you well rested and motivated to get to work.


If you wake up groggy and not into it, welcome to the club.  And time to take that morning walk. Mask up, get your Nikes, and walk for 10 minutes before your morning coffee. It will do you wonders and give you that much needed endorphin boost to conquer your day.  Or you could go big and try the Lyke Lake Walk in England.


Take a hot bath. Use the back massager. Loosen up those aches muscles with a massage from your loved one or the masseuse nearby.  No better time for self care than now.


You could be in worse situations, but better to focus on the positive and list all the things you are grateful for. You never know what might come up be it big are small to help you realize how lucky you are and how grateful you should be. Check out how to do this here.


Some say your word is your wand, but I find that seeing is believing and can make all the difference. Create a positive image board of your goals with pictures so you have a clear understanding of where you want to be. Some add pictures of homes, faraway vacations, what daily life would look like, positive quotes, or happy moments to help you do your best by making magic by seeing your goals in action. Sample wish boards here.


You spend a majority of time at work, and sadly most are miserable thinking they can’t do any better or can but get complacent. This is a big misnomer as your dream job is achievable by setting small goals to get to the bigger goals. Here’s some ways to find out what your dream job is fairly quickly if you do not already know.

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Perfect Whole30 + Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Get your morning started right with these perfect breakfast ideas that leave you satisfied and ready to get your day started!

1. Eggs + Uncured, Sugar Free Bacon

Not in that order though as you have to cook the bacon on low heat for about 20 minutes, flipping it midway. After the bacon was drained on a plate over a few paper towels, I fried two eggs in the bacon fat for 2 minutes each side. The eggs with bubble up a bit, but they are delicious! I would pat both the bacon and the eggs dry so that you remove the access fat.

2. Dunkin Donuts Coffee + Unsweetened Almond Milk

If you are looking for a quick, get out the door fast breakfast, I would go with this option. The coffee gives you a burst of energy, and the unsweetened almond milk will fill you up temporarily if you drink enough.

3. Banana + LaraBar

I have a list of LaraBars that are Whole30 compliant on my site you should check out. Right now I am fully stocked with the LaraBars brands like Cashew Cookie and Key Lime Pie. They make me happy when I eat them, and I end the experience with a banana that fills me up.

4. Fruit Salad

If the banana wasn’t enough, I’d go with a full on fruit salad. I love to add Melon balls, Sliced Watermelon, Sliced Grapes, Sliced Bananas, Chopped Fiji Apples, Chopped Cherries, and any other fruits you have on hand should work.

5. Baked Kale + Scrambled Eggs

I list to cover Kale with garlic powder and salt and place it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, and like to eat it when it’s crispy. They come out like chips and have a great source of iron to help you feel energized during the day. Eggs just complement this as they are light and fluffy scrambled that really help to keep you fuller longer.

6. Pancakes + Syrup

You can do these a few ways. First raw honey, maple syrup and agave are compliant if there is natural sugar, not added sugar. Therefore, feel free to use these as your syrup. The pancakes are super easy, just mix an egg with a mashed banana and sprinkle a little cinnamon and nutmeg on top. Mix well, and pour on a low heat frying pan using coconut oil that is Whole30 compliant. I sneak butter in there sometimes when I am feeling frisky.

7. Roasted Potatoes + Onions

This is an easy oven roaster and is super filling! Just cut up onions and white potatoes or even sweet potatoes if you are in the mood. I would spice it up how you like, as long as there is no sugar added you should be good to go. My husband has paprika, crushed red pepper, indian spice packets, and cinnamon on hand, so we when we are feeling experimental we will give it a shot. You can also go plain jane and add a bit of garlic, salt and pepper.

Bon Apetito!

Back to HomeSchooling Tips for the New Year

We are all in this together! Here are some tips to transition your children back into school in August/September that will help you keep your cool, AND get ahead of the game!

1. Buy Headphones

Like legit ones. Beats by Dre or others may have higher volumes than actual kid headphones, but I would check them out on Amazon and test them prior to getting into the school year.

2. Set a Daily Learning Space

They need to have a consistent schedule like you. I’d set aside a space where the kids can learn daily that will help you and them be the most productive they can be. Since my husband and I work from home, and I work from my bedroom, he works downstairs at his desk. We’ve decided to bring in an ottoman and chairs so they can work comfortably at their pace in the same room. If you have another room I’d suggest putting them in separate rooms if possible.

3. Buy School Supplies Now

School supplies like fresh new crayons, pencils, journals, notebooks, folders, etc. should all be purchased now, and hidden away from them so they have the feeling they are transitioning well back into real school just like you’d do if you were sending them out of the house for school.

4. Set Time for Yourself

This is tough, especialy for mothers. If you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT), take time to step away and process your feelings so the energy can fall through you and you feel fresh and rejuvenated, ready for a new you and a new year.

5. Leave Perfect Behind You

No one is perfect. Say it with me again. No one is perfect. What is perfect however is what is best for you and your family and it won’t be the same from person to person.

6. Do your best, and that’s good enough

We are all doing the best we can this year as humans in the world. The best way to support others is filling your cup first before filling others.

What have we missed? Please share your advice on prepping for the school year through homeschooling, we’d love to strengthen our community here by getting involved in the comments.