10 Ways to Use Lavender Oil | Leverage Ambition

Lavender has a beautiful purple bright color but also has a calming and healing smell. A few drops can cure stinky air, clean your home, help you sleep faster, give you a beachy fresh feeling and put you in a great mood. Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com Here are 10 ways to use lavender … Continue reading 10 Ways to Use Lavender Oil | Leverage Ambition

Freshwater Lobsters? WTF

Okay so basically, we had our minds blown recently. We were minding our own business in a freshwater lake, and all of a sudden we came across a baby freshwater lobster. Then we thought, wait a dang minute. Do freshwater lobsters really exist? We did our due diligence, and asked around town. Freshwater lobsters are … Continue reading Freshwater Lobsters? WTF

Fresh Watermelon Margaritas

Fresh watermelon margaritas are the cure for Taco Tuesdays or a day of fun and relaxation. This is a winning recipe that you'll absolutely love! Best part is that if you like your margaritas spicy, you can simply add a little jalapeno juice and sliced jalapenos in it to spice it up. First, the rim … Continue reading Fresh Watermelon Margaritas