The River Runs Deep – Al-Anon’s Open Letter From an Alcoholic

I am an alcoholic. I need your help. Don't lecture, blame or scold me. You wouldn't be angry with me for having cancer or diabetes. Alcoholism is a disease, too. Don't pour out my liquor; it's just a waste because I can always find ways of getting more. Don't let me provoke your anger. If … Continue reading The River Runs Deep – Al-Anon’s Open Letter From an Alcoholic

7 Sip Worthy Sunrise Cocktails

Let's get this party started right! Let's get this party started...EARLY! I am not one to do the hair of the dog, aka drinking the morning after a night out of many drinks. However, I will treat myself to a quarterly morning breakfast cocktail with a kick! Here are seven sunrise cocktails to try next … Continue reading 7 Sip Worthy Sunrise Cocktails

Fresh Watermelon Margaritas

Fresh watermelon margaritas are the cure for Taco Tuesdays or a day of fun and relaxation. This is a winning recipe that you'll absolutely love! Best part is that if you like your margaritas spicy, you can simply add a little jalapeno juice and sliced jalapenos in it to spice it up. First, the rim … Continue reading Fresh Watermelon Margaritas