Today I was on a quest. A quest to find the best and easiest meal replacer as I forgot to pack my lunch before work today. It stinks when I forget, and typically it is leftovers from the night before. Problem is, my husband now wants in the Whole30 club! He has not been following it to a tee yet but getting close. We made an oven roaster with chicken breasts and sliced potatoes with cayenne pepper and Himalayan salt on top. Best trick my mom taught me was a ¼ inch of water and olive oil at the bottom, roast for an hour at 400 degree Fahrenheight and the last 10 minutes put it up to 425 degrees so the chicken skin is crispy! It is so good I am at work and my husband is asking me to buy chicken and potatoes again tonight!


Any way the point of this article is to review ALL the Larabars that are Whole30 compliant, so that you can go on and have a nice, wholesome snack when your husband ransacks your meal plan.


10 Whole30 Compliant Larabars to get through your work day!


1. Cashew Cookie Larabar

If you are a cashew nut lover and craving a cookie, this will fill you up nicely! Buy 2 if you are extra hungry!

2. Carrot Cake Larabar
You are a bunny, I am a bunny, we all love carrots when they are sweetened up nicely and compact ready to eat! Give this bar a shot if you are craving for a dessert and on the go!

3. Apple Pie Larabar
Dang, da dang dang, this bar is scrumdidillyumptious! This reminds me of my Aunt’s famous Apple Pie she would always make with us for the holidays! It was so awesome. She did this with us before we had kids and she was such a great inspiration for baking and cooking. A+ momma there!

4. Cherry Pie Larabar

Oh you fancy huh? You like this bar when you are an elitist cherry pie lover and can’t quite get all the ingredients together to make something happen. Would highly recommend snacking on this bad boy!

5. Pecan Pie Larabar

Sweet baby Jesus is this real!?!? A whole natural pecan pie bar you can put in your mouth hole and enjoy on the go without the 50 plus instructions, buying pecans etc. You got it girl.

6. Coconut Crème Pie Larabar

Get your tropical skirt out, there’s about to be a hula party in your mouth. Enjoy this one if you love coconut and hate breaking it on your own!

7. Banana Bread Larabar

Did you say BREAD? This banana bread bar IS compliant, no actual bread involved. Get your eat on with this one, you’ll be happy you did it.

8. Lemon Bar Larabar
If you are a big lemon fan, I would definitely check this bar out as a substitute for hunger on the Whole30 diet. Enjoy!

9. Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar

Oh yes! I said the triple C’s – chocolate, coconut and chew. These mix of ingredients will give you a high you will take home with you to your team.

10. Key Lime Pie Larabar

Fear not! No need to go to Key West to experience your Key Lime pie! You got it all here.

key lime.jpg

Happy Snacking kids!  🙂