My first week of the Whole30 diet and I already lost 7 lbs in 4 days!  I am so happy, much more energetic and can breathe much better!  Being an older female with children, my metabolism has been really slowed down post kids.  After starting breast feeding post-pregnancy, I lost over 50 pounds within 2 months.  Once I stopped, my metabolism slowed down tremendously and over the last 4 years I have been heavier and heavier year over year.  Last week I weighed myself and I was 180 lbs, which is way over weight for a 5’6 female.  I decided to start with this diet and so far so good!

I felt the need to share my TOP 5 Whole30 Meals this week, so that you have an easy transition and ideas to help you be successful!  Here is goes, and HAPPY FIRST WEEK!

  1. Avocado, Tomato, Almonds, Red Onion, Homemade Mayo & Tuna Salad

avocado salad

I am not really a breakfast person but ate this as a brunch meal at work at my desk a few times this week when feeling hungry.  This is simply avocado, tomato, red onion, almonds, and tuna in water from the can.  The Whole30 diet recommends making your own mayonnaise but if you need to find a compliant one, I would recommend Primal Kitchen Mayo with Avocado Oil, picture below for your convenience:


I would suggest adding or subtracting ingredients here if you want a change for a brunch or lunch option.  Most people I have seen are actually forgetting about traditional breakfasts and eating whatever whenever which is super nice.  You can also drizzle olive oil in substitute of the mayo.

Other veggie options to add or subtract here: broccoli, cooked sweet potatoes, peppers, celery.

2.  Oven roasted Chicken Breasts with chopped yellow onions, russet potatoes, brussel sprouts, olive oil, black pepper, garlic powder, red chili, oregano and rosemary


This recipe was so solid!  It made my kitchen smell like the holidays and my husband even loved it which is a big plus!  My kids, not so much, but we are still trying! 🙂

Anyway I ate this for dinner twice, and used the roasted potatoes for my next meal below…

3.  Egg, bacon, chive, potato hash scramble


I LOVED this one and have eaten it a few times already this week!  Super simple before work, I prepped eggs with a little olive oil spray, as no butter is allowed.  I also used the bacon fat as part of the oil as I fried up and reheated my roasted potatoes from the night before.  This is super filling, I lasted almost 4 hours before eating my next meals with this one.  In between also I cut a lemon and drank water with ice at work, along with black coffee to keep me going.

4.  Salmon Sashimi with Wasabi


I had a date night with the hubs last night and we went out to Sushi Time in Los Angeles, our favorite spot!  I was really craving so good quality fish, so went with the Salmon Sashimi.  This was really good with wasabi, only pain point is NO SOY SAUCE!  Instead I squeezed a lemon over the top and paired it with hot Green Tea, I was on top of the world after and felt amazing!  Usually I get the fried ice cream after but I was so stuffed and on Whole30 so passed… 🙂

5. Oven roasted Sirloin Steak with mushroom, garlic, tomatoes and onions, rosemary garnish


This came out perfect!  I left the steak as is and put in the oven pan, basically chopping all the rest of the ingredients and spreading it out so it could be roasted nicely.  I turned it over after 15 minutes on 425 degrees and then roasted it again for another 15.  Let the meat cool after so that the juices would rest inside and WALLAH!  Another awesome meal where leftovers where used for my breakfast again…

5. #4 leftovers with egg scramble

I did not grab a picture of this one, but it was excellent!  Steak and eggs were a big thing when I was in college and now I know why.  This was delicious and I was so happy to indulge in this one.  This meal kept me full the longest and I was happy to mix it together before doing so.

THANK YOU FOR READING!  I leave you with this good luck bacon…

good luck