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Whole30 + Paleo Breakfast – Kerala Egg Curry

This is one recipe for the history books, y’all.

My lovely mother gave me the most delectable breakfast recipe on the planet, and if you are a spice fan (and are hungry now) this one is for you.

All you need is a pan of water, and insert cherry tomatoes, carrots, uncured, sugar free bacon, olive oil, and spice.

Seasoning includes 1 teaspoon of red chili powder, half teaspoon of coriander, half teaspoon of pepper, and half teaspoon of salt. If you want less spicy, half the red chili powder and pepper.

Put eggs in water first and let boil for 8 minutes, set off to the side for cracking and peeling the shell and place in side bowl.

Add cherry tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, uncured sugar free bacon, and add all seasoning spices.

Place heat on low and cover.

Let simmer for 1 hour until all vegetables and fruits (tomato is a fruit duh) are fully cooked breaking apart.

Turn off heat and let cool for an hour, but add those eggs you just peeled back into the mix.

Enjoy with Whole30 Chappati or Almond Crackers and you have a breakfast for the books.

Try it and let me know how it came out.


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Day 11 & 12 Whole30 Diet – Meals & almost half way there!

pizzapotReally proud of myself for sticking with this program.  For some reason when trying other diets and counting calories for everything I ate, I never seemed to stick to the plan.  I tried MyFitnessPal.com and never could remember to enter all meals.  On the Whole30 I am accountable for the food I eat as I make it from scratch myself.  I normally hate cooking as I am a working mother and cooking at the end of the long work day in Sales is not my idea of fun!  My 3 boys (counts my husband) are super picky eaters so I typically let my husband fend for himself and then try to get the younger kids to eat as much as possible before bed time.  I then cook the separate Whole30 meal on my own, and it nice to do something healthy for myself.  Before I wasn’t respecting my body as much as I am now.

After children and being in my 30’s, I always thought that I would just naturally be as thin as I was in my 20’s, however it is far from the case!  My metabolism slowed down tremendously, especially post 35, and this year being 36 I knew I needed to do a complete lifestyle change with food.  I few older ladies I know that were super skinny were on the Paleo Diet which is a little similar to the Whole30.  Basically limits your sugar and carb intake too.  I thought to myself ‘how could I ever not eat carbs’ but here I am no carb for almost two full weeks now.  My husband definitely sees the difference which I like.  For now I plan on sticking with it until the end of the 30 days, and hopefully after that I will never go back to carbs again.  A thinner woman I know only does smoothies during the day that she makes herself, no carbs, no sugar.  It is a sacrifice, but I think worth feeling more energetic and healthy as a whole as we all grow older.

Onto my meals today, I was on my phone emailing for work this morning and by the time I looked up it was 9am!  I got in the shower and walked to work per usual, but didn’t have a chance to cook the eggs I normally cook.  Instead I had some grapes in the refridgerator, along with the chicken soup and coconut biscuits and walked quickly to work.  I was more hungry throughout the day without those eggs, so I need to make sure that I do eat before I leave now onwards.  I ended up going grocery shopping after and saw a great dinner recipe that I modified to make it my own.  They are called Pizza Potatoes and they were delicious!

First I cut a white russet potato in 4 pieces and put them in the microwave for 5 minutes.  They were hot after and I carved out little holes to place the pizza ingredients in.  After I put a little olive oil in a 12×9 pan and put the four pieces of partially hallowed out potato on it.

Second I cut a tomato and mushrooms up, placing them on the frying pan with a little olive oil and Himalayan salt since regular iodized salt is off limits.  Threw a little dash of pepper in it and set it to the side.  I bought some organic sugar free tomato sauce, opened it up and put some on the potatoes.  Then I topped it with the tomato mushroom mix and pepperoni, and threw it in the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.   After I topped it with chives and it was perfect.  It was so delicious and I am so happy I tried it!  Final product below:


This would be a stellar meal to entertain with friends and could really make them smile!  HAPPY EATING!

Day 7 & 8 on the Whole30 Diet – More meal ideas

Wow, super tired today!  Even coffee is not helping but I am pushing through.  I don’t think it has to do with the diet this time, I actually took my toddler boys for their first haircut today and they weren’t thrilled. Then to now it turned out OK, so happy my husband and I did it!

As for food today, I ended up having the leftover Coconut biscuits this morning for breakfast with my morning coffee.  I had raw almonds as well as a snack before lunch.

For lunch, I made ground beef with onion and a little olive oil, pepper, cumin, Himalayan salt and garnish with tomato and avocado drizzled with extra virgin olive oil from Goya.  You need to cook the onions first, put them on the side then cook the ground beef separately, stir the onions in after the meal is almost cooked.

best meal

On the side I made sweet potato fries, coated them in olive oil, Himalayan salt, pepper in a plastic covered bowl, to make sure each piece got it’s fair share.  Shook it up then placed it in the pan at 350 degree fahrenheit.

sweet potato fries

Still munching on these and had my afternoon coffee as well to add some pep!

Enjoy, and hope this helps support you on your day!