My favorite activity during summer, summer, summer time, is going to the beach, boyee!

There are many different things to do outside of the beach, and maybe you can find them on another article.

This article will speak to the different ways to elevate your summer beach experience, so that you have THE BEST Summer Beach Day ever had by anyone ever.


  1. Spike Ball. Hate beach volleyball and want to avoid the good ole white fat beach ball in the noggin? Spike Ball is the great alternative and it keeps kids, teenagers, adults and even grandparents happy all day for the best beach day ever in the whole wide world.
  2. Tidal Ball. Dig two deep holes 15 feet away from each other and throw balls in it. Sounds easy? You guessed WRONG BRO. It’s hard and fun for hours.
  3. Beach Bucket Ballers. Are you a baller? Lord knows that’s not true. HOWEVER. If you have twelve buckets partially filled with sand and some pong balls, you’re in it to win it.
  4. Portable Cornhole Set. You have some wood, a saw and a ball? Perfect. You can make your own cornhole kit or buy one here.
  5. Ladder Toss. If you do not have a degree in piping like a plumber, you may want to buy the Ladder Toss here. It’s competitive, and you may lose some friends at the end of the day, but at least you’ll have the best summer beach you ever had in your whole entire life.


  1. Seltzer. Or as my Long Island mother would say, SELTSAAAAAA. If it’s cold with ice in a cooler, you are set for an all day treat.
  2. Potato Chips
  3. Pretzels
  4. Diet Cokes
  5. Cold Water Bottles


  1. Hammock
  2. Open Shade Tent
  3. Comfortable Chairs
  4. Solid Beach Blanket
  5. Big Bucket to put your feet in the salt water.


  1. Zinc for the nose
  2. Face SPF 70
  3. Body SPF 100
  4. Hair bands
  5. Brush


  1. $5 to $20 for the ICE CREAM MAN, BRA.
  2. Plastic bags to place your phone in so in doesn’t get wet.
  3. Chapstick for them dry lips, son.

Congratulations, with these tips, you are guaranteed to have, THE BEST Summer Beach Day EVER!


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