Say it 5 times fast: She sells seashells by the seashore.

If you did it, read on sailor.

Walking the Cabo beaches this summer was challenging. The waves were high, the rip tide was steep, the sand was grainy, and the crabs were a walking.

Somehow with all the distractions, we were able to find some interesting looking shells.

Here’s the spread.

Here’s another view with my fake flowers in the glow in the dark vase and di cut lamp, because I love lamp.

The first row starts off with the shells lined with hues of pink, coral, grey, and white.

Next we have their mini cousins, that all had wholes in them.

I’d assume these shells all contained some mussels and clams. Maybe shrimp or crawfish were involved too?

Next up, the oyster shells!

Some are big, some are medium, some are small. All are Cabo-rrific.

Next up, the baby booties!

Not sure what to say about those, but in this case maybe these shells have a good face for radio?

Next up, the white holed wonders!


Lastly, the big mama!

I think I may drill a hole in this one and make it a necklace eventually.

For now, all the shells will remain at my bedside as I love the look of seashells on my side table.

I also have a seashell picture with a hologram Jesus. Can you find Him?

Headshot vs. Standing Jesus, who wins?

Headshot Jesus would probably get more connections on LinkedIn, what’s your vote?

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