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One of the perks and simultaneous disadvantages about living in Los Angeles is the media.  We were minding our own business on the beach this week, and Fox ruined it by taking over half the beach! Check it out.

As you can see, the trailers, lights, extras, and crew were all there unbeknownst to the beach regulars.

Many visitors were unhappy. The parking lot attendant was taking money for day parking passes but there wasn’t enough room to park. When people started creating their own parking spots, the Sheriff and police department would start ticketing them.

It seems only the lifeguards with a pass can actually park on the beach, but others that bought a pass could not. It seems that the lifeguards have more privileges with their passes, which makes sense.

Even though Fox blocked half of the parking lot, we still were eventually able to find a legit spot thankfully.

I made a joke that I have been avoiding Fox for the last 5 years, but they still were able to find me on the beach.

We were able to enjoy ourselves once the parking debacle subsided, but I am still hoping they are out of there by the end of the week. With more people at the beach, the more garbage we found left behind by others. This included sandwich bags, reese’s pieces candy wrappers, leftover shoe ties, zip ties, sand toys, and more.

The great part about this beach adventure is that I was able to very cost effectively get the kids out of the house today, while bringing them on another adventure.

I came across the above yesterday and I was glad. With the summer being slower at work, I have been able to travel more often with them and they love it.

Of course they have their moments, but for the most part it has been a lucky time for all of us.

School is starting soon, so I will not see them as often. That makes me sad, but I know they will have fun with their new teacher and classmates.

What summer activities are you trying to fit in before school starts for the kids?

Here is a beach video of the Pacific Ocean and some seagulls to boot while you think about it.

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2 thoughts on “Beach Adventure Before School Starts | Leverage Ambition

  1. henhouselady – I am the author of Saving the Hen House. I didn't know when I started it would turn into a series. I love to ride motorcycles, the blues, my family, and going on adventures. This old hen rocks.
    henhouselady says:

    I’m glad you were able to find a parking space. It looks like they would have given everybody a break on the tickets because of the Fox news situation. People throw so much trash out everywhere. I guess they were never taught to pick up after themselves.

    1. Me too. It took some time to find it, but I am glad we stayed as I didn’t want to make the trip for nothing! You’d think the police would give them a break especially during a pandemic, but I guess they felt compelled to hit their quotas. It is a shame people just leave trash on the beach, as the garbage cans are literally all over the place. Hopefully people start cleaning their act up. LA is already the top in smog and air pollution, now people are throwing actual garbage on the beach? How rude.