Happy Chinese New Year! It falls on Saturday, February 12th this year, and we are excited to celebrate with this article that shows us 6 facts about the Chinese New Year celebration.

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  1. Year of the Ox. There are 12 animals in Chinese zodiac, and every year marks the new year of a new animal. Those that are born in the year of the Ox are known to be natural leaders that are patient and cheerful. You are compatible with the Rooster and the Snake. You were born on 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, take a look at what animal you here.
  2. Special New Year’s Recipes and Food to Make. These foods include Cantonese Cha Guo Savory Rice Cakes, Cantonese Spring Rolls, Chicken Mushroom Dumplings, and Sticky Rice Mushroom Shumai. Here is a full list of Chinese New Year recipes from The Woks of Life:

3. Celebration Customs. Each community has it’s own special and unique traditions. The main events include lion and dragon dances. Fireworks and family gatherings happen all over, where they eat together with friends and distant relatives to celebrate.

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4. AKA the Spring Festival, it lasts 23 days. This festival is to pray to the gods and also helps fight off the monsters of the world. The fireworks symbolize bringing light to the dark and this festival lights off the most fireworks all over the world. It is the longest holiday as the December Laba festival kicks off celebrations for the NEw Year. It causes the largest migration in the world as people and friends gather together to unite and party.

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5. Taboo Things You Should not Do on Chinese New Year. You are not allowed to cut your hair, use scissors, use knives or other sharp things. You are not allowed to say death or sickness, and you’re not allowed to break things. You are not allowed to shower, sweep or throw anything away too. All of these things could wash away good luck!

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6. Red is Everywhere. Children receive money in red envelopes. The cities are decorated in red from red dragons to red letters, it represents hope and health for the remainder of the year.

How do you plan on celebrating the Chinese New Year? What Chinese zodiac sign are you?

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