This week has been a week of indulgence again. I have enjoyed watching different Netflix movies and one in particular that was historical and beautifully shot was The Dig. This movie is a remake of the book The Dig written by John Preston and published in May 2007. Roger Evert gives it three stars on his review here.

If you are looking for the plot summary, here it goes! Ralph Fiennes plays an amateur archaeologist that comes into the luxurious, lonely life of Carey Mulligan, who plays Edith Pretty. Edith is a wealthy woman that turns out to be a widow with a young son that is interested in archaeology.

Edith seems to have 4 burial hill mounds on her many acres of property that are fairly big. She suspects that there are things buried underneath them that could be of value, but she’d never know unless the mounds were dug up. She is not sure what to do for some time, but after pondering it she realizes that she needs to find someone to excavate the mounds to see what is underneath and finally solve the mystery.

This movie takes place right before World War II in Sutton Hoo, Sussex, England. The time is tense and the scenery is quite lovely. The period calls for different costumes and details in Edith’s house that play very well into that time frame. The hair and makeup are spot on, and the cast is truly amazing.

I won’t spoil the movie, but they do find something amazing. The two main characters also seem to fall for each other a bit as they search for their treasure.

Have you seen this movie yet? Did you enjoy it?

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