The free movie, Dying Laughing, on YouTube explores the world of comedy with none other then the greats. Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Dave Attell and others share their experiences in stand up and their fearful accounts on stage. Bobby Lee and Jerry Seinfeld said they couldn’t even get through their full comedic delivery as they basically froze up and blanked here and there. They couldn’t even get through what they were doing as they felt the entire room was dense, cold, and suffocating.

Jim Jeffries said that someone in the audience told him go back to school while he was on stage. He said his Dad said that maybe comedy could be a comedian as a hobby as he drove him home. Kevin Hart said he thought he killed the first night he went up, but his friend said he was sorely wrong. He thought he had talent and his friend said he just didn’t see it. He said he didn’t see his potential and that he didn’t have what it takes to be a comedian.

Steve Coogan said he got his started getting people to laugh at college. He said he could do a range of voices and was able to imitate others. He loved the way it made him feel, and there he knew he was destined to be a comedian.

This is a great movie to understand the pressure and the precise timing that is needed to be a successful comedian. You need to be yourself and you need to create your own material to be a legend. The hard part is you need to develop your material in the wild at live shows, but when you share your truth is when your really engage the audience.

There is an inner voice and provocative sayings that need to come out of you and resonate with the audience. Chris Rock looks to mix emotion and laughter together, where the audience doesn’t have to continuously laugh throughout the show.

They all gave different advice. One said that you need to write jokes everyday to be successful. Bonnie McFarland says that she tries to rewrite jokes all the time to make them funnier and only use the ones she thinks would kill in laughter. Sarah Silverman said that she went on stage and before hand she wasn’t

Grant Cotter said he writes jokes in his phone as they come to his mind. Russell Peters said that he sometimes will just go in blind and talk to people. Jaime Fox would go to the whitest towns and do his blackest material and test to see what work and then double down on it in similar cities. Kevin Hart likes to do small theaters first to see if it works, and he wants to make sure that everyone is paying attention and everyone is on board with what he is saying. Emo Phillips said that no audience understands that you’ve done the same set over and over. Jerry Seinfeld said comedy is the ability to withstand self-torture and that’s where you get great comedy.

I enjoyed this look into comedy as they explain their unique science into their dance and delivery. They talk about how they play mind tricks on people and they get to make the audience think as one. It talks about the struggle to deliver and the bravery involved in it.

Have you seen this yet? Did you like it?

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