I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Paleo diet! I have been doing it (with a few cheat days here and there) since March of last year and have had WILD results. I’ve literally lost over 33 pounds and counting, and I don’t have the sugar or carbohydrate highs and lows that I used to have which is AMAZING.

As I turn 40 this year, I am amazed how my body has changed since having kids. My body used to be able to process fast foods and alcohol no problem, but today is a different story. When I eat sugar, I just feel awful hours later after the initial high. Same goes for my alcohol intake, so I have been making Paleo Mocktails, driving through Starbucks and ordering Paleo drinks, then substituting sugary soda drinks with these other Paleo drinks here like teas and fruit filled water.

Reality is that my diet had to change if I wanted to change. None of the fad exercises like Soul Cycle and rowing worked for me long term either, but Paleo sure DID!

The real deal is I love hot dogs, and I had a few packages of them in my freezer. I was hungry so I was searching around for Paleo Hot Dog Recipes and came up with 7 here!

Enjoy hungry hippos!

Sonoran Hot Dogs


Sweet Potato Hot Dog Buns


Hot Dog Skewers


Lettuce Wrapped Hot Dogs with Pickles & Onions


Paleo Pretzel Dogs (wowser!)


Paleo Hot Dogs with Cilantro Aioli


Chili Paleo Cheese Dogs


What is your favorite way to prep hot dogs?

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