Anxiety is a natural part of life helping our fight or flight reactors to stay or go.

For many years I had issues admitting my anxiety to others, and getting through panic attacks and obsessive thoughts. I thought that the more I thought about something I would be able to solve it. Typically the thoughts or solutions I came up with with either not my problem in the first place or not healthy for me and my sanity.

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I know others are struggling with panic attacks and other anxiety issues so I wanted to write about getting through anxiety.

The reality is, you are going to be alright. Allowing your feelings to come and go is critical as avoiding them will only make you bottle them up for later.

Feelings are not facts. Feelings are always temporary if you let them be. It helps when you look at yourself from afar going through the panic episode and understanding from a third party self how you are reacting while observing your behavior.

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Being able to identify and write down whether or not the behavior is important to solve now and whether it is your problem to control helps to understand if you are trying to solve your own problems or someone else’s issues.

There a lot of people overwhelmed this year and still are hanging onto despair from the year before.

Understand that your feelings are not always rational and that anxiety is not dangerous but uncomfortable. When you are able to stand still in uncomfortable thoughts, and let them pass it should really help. Others find that taking action in forms of exercise helps.

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Understand that everyone experiences discomfort with anxiety, however the thoughts and feelings are only temporary. When you realize this it takes the danger out of it and helps you focus on the things you can actually control.

Anxiety will always come and go like the ebbs and flows of the tides.

When you take a few deep breaths, meditate, listen to sound bowls or clear your mind through journal writing, it could really help alleviate symptoms.

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Other relaxation techniques include walking on the beach or walking in nature, taking a hot bath, taking a nap, or swimming in a pool.

What do you do when you are feeling anxious? How do you remedy it?

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