There are certain fashion basics that are needed to pull together a professional working wardrobe.

I hate shopping, but buying the basics is essential to quickly pull together a nice outfit for work.

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Here is a list of wardrobe basics that help you pull together some professional business casual and formal outfits that work for you!

  1. 3 Blazers – A nice professional blazer is necessary as part of your working wardrobe. The great part about nice blazers is that you can quickly throw a blazer on a casual jean and t-shirt outfit with some colorful jewelry and look pretty gorgeous and ready to rock. I would recommend two black blazers and another colorful blazer.
  2. 3 Dresses – A black dress, a grey dress, and a color dress works best, so you can mix and match with your blazers.
  3. 6 Blouses – I have a jean blouse, a leopard colored blouse, a black and white blouse, a green blouse, a red blouse, and a white blouse. You can grab any colors that work well with your color palette.
  4. 6 Pants – A business casual pair of jeans, two pairs of black pants, one pair of polyester pants, one pair of linen pants, and one pair of cotton pants works well for me!
  5. 3 Skirts – I have one black skirt, one grey skirt and one flowered skirt that I use and pair with different blouses and blazers.
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What other wardrobe basics do you have that complete your working wardrobe?

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