50 Interesting Facts to Blow Your Mind | Leverage Ambition

I absolutely love random interesting facts. I enjoy trivia although I am not that great at it. I really loved this recent article I read by Best Life Online about many random fun facts. Here are some of the highlight from that article below: Goosebumps are meant to ward off predators.Pineapple works as a natural … Continue reading 50 Interesting Facts to Blow Your Mind | Leverage Ambition

Getting Through Anxiety | Leverage Ambition

Anxiety is a natural part of life helping our fight or flight reactors to stay or go. For many years I had issues admitting my anxiety to others, and getting through panic attacks and obsessive thoughts. I thought that the more I thought about something I would be able to solve it. Typically the thoughts … Continue reading Getting Through Anxiety | Leverage Ambition

2018 Super Bowl 52 – Fun Facts

With the Lombardi trophy up for grabs for tomorrow's Super Bowl LII, or 52 for those who forgot the fancy roman numerals, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will fight for the title tomorrow at 3:30pm PST // 6:30pm PST on NBC, which is channel 4 in NY and CA. None other than … Continue reading 2018 Super Bowl 52 – Fun Facts