1. They are always right.

Which in turn means that you are always wrong. There is no debating with a narcissist. They do not compromise, and it is there way or the highway. A good way to end the argument is to say okay, don’t react, and move out of the room.

2. They gaslight often.

This means they make up extravagant lies to hide the truth. They live to distort your reality and emotionally abuse you to the point where you wonder if you are just being sensitive. If you feel less confident and more anxious post relationship, you are probably dating a narcissist.

3. They flirt with others in front of you.

They are so insecure that they need to flirt in front of you because their self esteem needs constant reassurance. They don’t respect the relationship outside of your internal world and often do not show you are in a relationship on social media for fear of not getting the attention their ego craves.

4. They are charming as all heck.

It is almost like a feeling like you have met prince charming, where they confess their love for you in the first few weeks of dating. Love bombing is their forte.

5. They don’t have any friends.

They may have a nemesis and enemies, and talk bad about them often. They have fake casual friends with no real substance, so they can talk crap about you and others.

6. They feed of of your sympathy and need it daily.

They constantly have the need to make you feel bad for them. They like when you pity them and enjoy being coddled. They don’t have any real, true feelings and it’s almost like they are emotionally dead. They lack both empathy and sympathy, and never truly listen to you and your needs.

7. They constantly pick on you.

They put you down often so that they feel better about themselves. Their insecurities are dumped on you and you are blamed for most all of their failures, as they don’t take accountability for their own lives.

8. There are no two way conversations.

They hog the conversation and seem to constantly talk about all of their accomplishments due to their deep insecurities. They think they are better and smarter than everyone else. Anyone that challenges them becomes their enemy, even you.

What traits have you seen in a narcissistic partner or colleague?

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