2020 sure has had its fair share of hardships.

These hardships have overshadowed our progress this decade.

Thankfully the last full moon of the decade is in the most loving sign of the zodiac, the motherly and angelic Cancer sign.

The busy, hectic and overwhelming energy has been at it’s extremes. And darling I don’t know why I go to extremes (Billy Joel song for those not in it to win it, make sure to play the song then come right back).

Uranus is sending us very positive vibes to counteract the chaos, and if you haven’t gotten your surprise prize then look out for it as a miracle will present itself during this Cold Moon.

Find out what to expect from this Cold Moon by your zodiac sign here.

As we end the tumultuous year and decade, we reflect on our feelings and try to understand what we can purge coming into the new year.

This Cold Moon is the darkest and coldest moon and brings that emotional full moon energy right out in front of you. If you are emotional, anyone one with the sign of Cancer will be extra emotional and a bit frisky in the bedroom. It’s not something in the air, it’s something in the sky.

Get ready for your sorrow to transform into joy. Listen to the universe as you co create your reality with it, and pamper yourself.

Now is the time to burn some sage throughout the house with the windows open, clean the house thoroughly, and burn candles while setting intentions for this upcoming year.

Know that everything will fall into place in time, and that if you feel you’ve put in all the effort then now is the time to be still. God is good and he will provide your miracle.

What’s your miracle today?

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