I love a nice cup of hot tea with lemon and honey on a cold winter solstice day. Do you?

The winter solstice is here. Time to wind down the year, wrap up your final commitments and make your for a clean slate in 2021.

That being said I always thought it would be cool to make and dry my own tea leaves.

In order to start this type of weirdo project I wanted to look into common tea ingredients, their benefits, and how to grow them.

Here is a list of 10 tea leaves you can grow and brew, along with their specific health benefits to boot.

1. Gotu Kola

Also known as Indian Pennywort, this leaf is used in Asian cuisine and teas around the globe. It’s benefits include helping rid yourself of extra bloating due to water retention issues. It is also known to cure scarring and stretch marks. Verywell Health also notes it helps to cure depression and fatigue.

2. Chaga

When I first said the name of this leaf outloud, I though of the song Mr. Loverman by Shabba Ranks https://youtu.be/5dwBBKDAm8c!

But it’s not named after Shabba, it’s just Chaga.

It is filled with immunity boosting nutrients and is in mushroom form. When dried and steeped in tea is known to be a fungus that grows on the side of a birch tree.

3. Bilberry

Not to be confused with the popular elitist brand Burberry, Bilberry is known as the European blueberry. It is packed with a ton of antioxidants and has been used to heal others as far back as the Middle Ages. When dried and crushed into powder, it gives a fruity flavor to your tea.

4. Huang Qi

This Chinese herb is grown to provide high antioxidants to those consuming it. It boosts your energy levels and improves the function of your organs.

5. Hibiscus

Lovely tropical flowers like Hibiscus flowers are grown to provide happiness and beauty to all. Did you know they also have major health benefits as well when consumed? It helps to lower your blood pressure and blood fat levels too.

6. Gynostemma

Also known as the Poor Man’s Ginseng, gynostemma is a Chinese herb that flowers and used in tea. It is known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, along with aiding relief of anxiety as well.

7. Peony Root

Another ancient Chinese herbal remedy to beat anxiety, the peony root is used in teas to help increase blood flow and cure headaches.

8. Saw Palmetto

Used to help boost your sex drive and also boost hair growth, saw palmetto is a plant that produces small berries in which you can pull off and eat or dry to sprinkle in tea.

9. Catuaba Bark

Helps improve mood and libido, the catuaba bark grows in the Brazilian rain forest and is known to be pricey to buy.

10. Schisandra Berry

This berry yields great immunity when consumed and can be used as a performance booster when added to tea.

What other ingredients have you heard of that can be added to tea?

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