Everyone is feeling the feels this year as they say. It is hard being isolated and home alone without family and friends to guide you along. The social interaction or lack of this holiday season is really getting to me, so I wanted to pull together 5 ways to perk up at home with some self healing and self care ideas that you can use to restart your day.

1. Start a Journal

I was always jealous of my friends that were able to commit to daily journaling either to start or end their days. If you have never started a journal before, here is an article to help you dive into it here.

2. Get Free Therapy with Online

12 Step Meetings are particularly helpful via Al-Anon, AA, NA, SA, etc. Free zoom group therapy can help you heal and grow and may resonate or cooperate with your specific issues. With BetterHelp.com you can also pay for therapy if you want to up the ante.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

This sounds annoying and cumbersome however the ambiance of your room can change up your thinking and help give you a fresh perspective on things. I would recommend you start with one room that you stay in often and mix it up to see what you can create. Here are some tips on redesigning your room on a budget.

4. Cook Something Comforting + Different

Food has a direct effect on our feelings. Try something new to ease your bitter hunger with online recipes from an algorithm via what the f@$% should I make for dinner for com.

5. Create Art via Painting or Drawing

Painting, drawing, and sculpting are all ways to bring out your creative side and help het out those repressed emotions that need to heal. When I need to create I always think of how I had accumulated knowledge ad a kid. Like everyone else, the Encyclopedia Brittanica was there. Here is a good explanation of different painting techniques from them here.

What are you getting into this weekend? Give us some ideas to cure boredom below! 😎👍♥️

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