Whitney Cummings states that women with children have all become Quakers on her Good For You podcast. It is not far off.

The pandemic is a serious flu that has killed many during 2020.  Politicians, health sources and government entities are trying their best to keep the number of COVID cases down by making stay at home orders. 

This is isolating families to the point where many are expected to have mental health issues long after the pandemic itself.

The bigger issue is that isolating ourselves also lowers our immunity.

Normally we are out and about speaking to others, touching dirty door knobs, getting cold here and there. Now the isolation could make us even sicker when offices, parks, and schools open up.

Viruses cannot be killed. This is a fact. It can only be prevented with safe handwashing and extra health measures that we have all tried to follow.

The biggest impact here is our economy. Many families with children were able to go to work and know there kids were safe and learning in school.

Now families are taking the extra burden of homeschooling their kids.

Many are frustrated and confused. Will they be penalized for not grasping their curriculum when they return? Will the parents be held accountable for their learning from here on in? Will teachers be held accountable for not effectively teaching the students?

The curriculum has gone from 7 hours a day to 2 hours a day with educators. Now parents are expected to make up that time?

This is why Whitney Cummings said women have become Quakers. We are working from home, homeschooling our kids, making the meals, cleaning the house, and have lost all of the progress we’ve made over the last 100 years in less than a year.

What is next? Well we are hoping schools open again so women can maintain their full time work  schedule. We are excited to take that break driving to and from work that gives us the alone time we crave. We are eager to get to our normal schedules as we are doing everything but milking the cow in our backyards.

Are you eager to get back to your regularly scheduled programs?

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