Monday’s are dreadful. I always have that nails on a chalkboard feel as I get my kids up and ready for zoom school. It is literally me just getting them breakfast and opening up their chromebooks, but marching into the unknown educational system scares me. Mainly due to the fact that they spring on odd projects that require parent involvement, when I feel like the teacher should be taking the reigns during the calls. What can I do? Nothing.

I can make suggestions here and there, but the reality is I have no control what the teacher is going to teach, or whether or not my kids will get it. I have to anticipate questions, and just as we improv at home, we need to improv as we homeschool too.

Every morning I make sure to make my bomb Paleo coffee. This includes sugar free almond milk, coconut oil, cinnamon, raw honey, and nutmeg. When the coconut oil is left in the fridge is hardens and you can scrape the top of it and pour on top of the hot coffee. It’s fun to watch as it melts just like snow!

Snow is coming and here for many already, which is exciting. Although the weather is colder now, it sets the tone for warm blankets, snuggling by the fire, and decorating for Christmas.

We always like to put up our annual Christmas wreath on the door to make it festive as we run in and out for errands.

The kids love Christmas and always help us decorate the wreath custom to what they are feeling like creating the day we start the decoration process.

We love to put colorful holiday lights around the house as well to make it extra merry and bright!

Since everyone is cozy at home, it is nice to be relaxed and the lights in and around the house really set a positive ambiance for the holiday season.

Being from a big family, not being around family this holiday season is hard already. My friends are sad about it too. This year has been tough on us all.

Remember to stay in the day, do your best, and leave the rest up to your higher power.

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