Abused individuals tend to hold a bag of intimidated fear close to home.  The abuse victim is rightful to their feelings of fear, but it is imperative to distinguish what is a real threat, how is the impending doom helping you, and what is not an immediate threat.

These types of fears are quick to spread like wildfire and have a negative effect on their surroundings, whether it be at the office, at home, or out and about in life.

Fear is also a control tactic to create a hierarchy of authority and false sense of importance to feed your ego and defend yourself. Most times the threat is over thought and not an immediate problem, however fear can drive poor and desperate decision making in time of need.

This false faux frame of mind will cloud your judgement.  It then makes you in turn, and sometimes subconsciously, inflict fear upon others.  This is dubbed the fear wildfires and can only be extinguished through deep thought, discovery, and awareness that is hard to understand where it stems from.

Most times it comes from learned historical behaviors and harsh, oppressive environments that can be hard to dial into when oppressed for longer lengths of time.

What is the cure and how can we save ourselves?

The first step is the awareness. You have become aware that fear is a constant in your life and you surrender that fear and understand that it is not doing any good for you when you are in no actual immediate harm.

Second, it’s important to do the hard work fully and effectively. This would mean understanding what you are scared of and why you are scared of it. This could be through therapy techniques like EMDR, group trauma meetings like ACOA or AA, or running through your frame of mind and realizing your triggers.

To expand, there is a major source of healing right now that needs to be done both physically and emotionally with the current state of world and life stress. Many are overwhelmed to the point where they are unable to make their first move, being scared of the fear that has been imposed on them from media, health, family and friends.

In this case it is first important to isolate the fear. Ask yourself, where is this coming from? If the triggers were through social media, calls, television, etc, you need to start isolating and identifying the triggers carefully. When you understand and vet your emotions as your are driven towards fear you need to catch and release the emotion by redirecting the fear by morphing it into the next thought. All thoughts and feelings are temporary if you allow them to be.

Healthy minds promote healthy living, and it’s important to stop faux fear at its tracks, understand why you are thinking in this frame of reference, don’t let it incapacitate and takeover you fully, and gracefully move on to the next best productive thought that can help your survival.

As we know, fear is only productive when it prevents a serious accident and it best used when it is actively pulling you out of danger, and not pulling you out of your next best moment.

See the best in yourself, understand those people and outlets that do in fact have your best interest in mind, and make sure that you simultaneously honor your thoughts and yourself.

Hope this helps you, and have a great week! 🦁

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