A Slice of Humble Pie from the Jamaican Womens 4×1 Running Team

I have had many humbling experiences in my lifetime sports career. But the biggest by far was losing to the Jamaican Womens 4×1 Team at the Penn Relays in the 90s.

My first humbling experience was being identified as a boy although I was a girl at soccer tryouts. I blame that on my moms homemade pixie haircut, and the fact that the lady mom coach calling me a boy may have had a hangover.

Second was being beaten by the Womens Ward Melville Lacrosse Team 20 to 1. The only retribution was scoring that one and only point. Still chaps my ass.

Third and most humbling was being schooled by the Womens Jamaican 4×1 Sprinting team at the Penn Relays. At that time the internet was not popular yet, so I really had no idea how fast they were until the race. Literally felt like Willie E. Coyote.

Main reason I am talking about this today was seeing the USA womens sprinting team school the Jamaican womens team today on the Daily.Vib IG handle.

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Let the games begin! 🎯

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